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Propolis 20g


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Propolis is an indispensable substance for the bee colony – by producing propolis from plant buds, bees keep the hive environment clean from viruses and bacteria. Purchasing propolis offers a chance to utilize nature’s knowledge for the same purpose.

In stock


Propolis (bee glue) is a substance made by bees primarily from resins collected from plants or tree buds. Depending on the plants, weather, and other conditions, the color of propolis varies from yellow to red, light brown to dark brown. For the same reasons, the composition of propolis and the number of its components vary: resins and balsams 50-55%, wax and fatty acids 30-40%, essential oils 8-10%, pollen 5-10%, trace elements up to 11% (vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, flavonoids). Bees use propolis mainly for its antiseptic and antibiotic purposes – sealing cracks with propolis to protect the hive environment from invading bacteria. Humans can use propolis for similar purposes – by chewing it or dissolving it in 80-degree alcohol, which can be administered in drops or applied to wounds. Dissolving (e.g., 10g of propolis in 100 ml of 80% alcohol) takes some time – the solution needs to be shaken occasionally until the propolis is dissolved and then strained.

Propolis is best preserved in a cool, dry, and dark airtight container.

Propolis can be ordered to a self-service hive located at the entrance of Tormikadaka farm. Also, from September to May, propolis can be ordered to a self-service hive in Nõmme, Tallinn. Propolis is also delivered free of charge within Tallinn and Tõstamaa district from purchases over 25 euros. To other parts of Estonia, propolis is sent to a parcel machine, thus adding a shipping cost to the price of the honey.


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