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+372 50 48226 Siiri Otsmann

With first beehive in the winter of 2017

Visit us or our self-service point

Tormikadaka talu, Kastna küla,
Pärnu linn, Pärnumaa 88106

The self-service point – hive with the harvest of our farm – is open 24/7. For other visits, please contact us in advance.

In our self-service hive, you can always find our farm’s honey products and herbal teas. Depending on the season, candles, candle making kits, and Christmas crown making kits are also available. Simply lift the hive cover, take the desired products, and leave cash in the cashbox or pay by bank transfer. For special requests, please contact us in advance, and we will place your desired goods in the hive, available for you when you come.

Location of our farm and self-service point

Please search “Aeglane hetk” (which means Slow Moment in Estonian) in Google Map and Waze.

Detailed direction:

  • From Pärnu, drive towards Lihula for about 10 km, then turn left to Tõstamaa, which is about 30-40 km away, depending on the chosen road. From Tõstamaa, drive about 4 km towards Varbla until a sign on the left indicates Kastna Oaks; turn there, continue for 1.5 km, and you will arrive at your destination.
  • From Lihula, on the Virtsu road, turn onto the Karuse-Kalli road, drive for 7 km until you reach a crossroads leading to Tõstamaa. From there, continue for 34 km until a sign on the right directs you to Kastna Oaks; after turning there, proceed for another 1.5 km, and you will have arrived.

The opportunity to collect purchased goods from the Tallinn self-service point.

Tallinn, Nõmme, Sihi 120

The self-service collection point – hive with the harvest of our farm – is open for orders from September to May in Tallinn.

Location of our self-service collection point in Tallinn

To collect ordered goods from the self-service point – a hive – located in the yard at Sihi 120, Kivimäe in Nõmme, Tallinn, you can come:

  • By car, coming from Mustamäe, go over the Hiiu railway crossing and turn right, continue until just before the third pedestrian crossing turn left to find Sihi street. Follow this street to soon reach house number Sihi 120. Or coming from the city center along Vabaduse puiestee, turn right onto Kõla street just before Jannseni Maxima, then turn left onto Sihi street and continue until you find house number Sihi 120;
  • By train, alight at Kivimäe station, find Sihi street across the railway crossing, and walk along it to reach house number Sihi 120;
  • By bus, using lines No. 18, 33, and 27 – all stop within walking distance from house number Sihi 120.

For more specific directions, please call +372 5048226.

Step into the yard, find the self-service hive located at the last parking spot near the storage door under the roof, and lift the hive cover. You can collect your ordered goods.

Details of our farm

OÜ Aeglane hetk • Registration code 14630408 • Bank account EE417700771004577826

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Co-operation partners


Beekeeping House Construction

The Beekeeping House was completed in 2021, from the ground up to the roof, with the support of the Small Agricultural Enterprises Development Fund and the help of Darlop OÜ.

The Beekeeping House accelerates more enjoyable beekeeping by accommodating all beekeeping inventory, and improves honey processing, allowing for modern food handling. The Beekeeping House is open for all interested parties to explore, write or call us to arrange a visit!

Diversification of slow moments products

With the approval of the Pärnu Bay Partnership Group and the support of the Agricultural Registers and Information Board (PRIA), we have received support from LEADER funds. With the help of this support, we acquire tools that make our honey processing more efficient, and our product range will be expanded to include new value-added products and services. Follow our moments page or join the mailing list referred above!