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Honey set


Only 2 left in stock

The set includes Slow Moment’s honey from coastal meadows, bogs and forest 500 g, heather honey 500 g, and a piece of honeycomb. All this honey is harvested from Pärnumaa – the Kastna Peninsula, Jäärumetsa forests, and the Tõhela and Nätsi-Võlla bogs.


Only 2 left in stock

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The triple set consists of honeys with different flavors and a piece of comb honey. A great choice for honey connoisseurs and as a gift.

See the detailed descriptions of honey from coastal meadows, bogs and forest as well as heather honey under their respective products. Comb honey is a piece of honey cut directly from the beehive frame, great as a sweet “chew” to eat directly or in various dishes. For example, Slow Moment’s neighbor, food blogger Tuuli Mathisen, has created recipes with Slow Moment comb honey – goat cheese with comb honey, yogurt dessert. Ask us for more details!

Honey is always available from a self-service stand located at the entrance to Tormikadaka farm. Also, from September to May, honey can be ordered to a self-service stand in Nõmme, Tallinn. Delivery within Tallinn and Tõstamaa district is free for purchases over 25 euros. For other areas in Estonia, honey is sent to parcel machines, thus shipping costs are added to the price of the honey.


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