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Nucleus colony

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Slow Moment’s nucleus colonies are young, freshly established bee colonies brimming with potential and everything ahead of them. Acquire a nucleus colony for yourself to grow together and partake in rapid development.



Slow Moment’s starter colonies are created in the year of purchase with new, same-year Buckfast queens. These colonies are established with all the prerequisites for rapid development, and depending on the timing of their creation and regional foraging conditions, they may yield a good honey harvest within the same year. The colony includes:

  • A young, freshly laying Buckfast queen whose successful brood rearing has been verified;
  • Bees that densely cover most of the frames;
  • Brood combs with both capped and uncapped brood, numbering over half of the frames;
  • Feed combs with sufficient food and bee bread for the development of the bee colony.

The varroa mite level is regularly monitored in the hive, and effective treatment is conducted. As a member of the Professional Beekeepers Association, we ensure that the sale of bee colonies adheres to the best practices of bee colony purchase and sale, available at

The minimum package includes five frames in a wooden hive body, covered with mesh on the top and bottom for transport. A larger starter colony is on 10 Farrar frames in one hive body, with a hive bottom and roof. The hive bodies are made of solid wood with a strong and easily manageable construction; the hive bottom is a tunnel design, and the roof is made of insulated metal. It’s also possible to purchase a 10-frame bee colony along with all the inventory needs for the year, including seven hive bodies, a bottom, and a roof. Empty frames for the additional six hive bodies are not included in the set but can be purchased if desired.

The transfer of starter colonies takes place from the end of May to the end of July, depending on the availability of new queens.



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