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Slow Moment’s nucleus colonies are young, freshly established bee colonies brimming with potential and everything ahead of them. Acquire a nucleus colony for yourself to grow together and partake in rapid development.



The nucleus colonies created in the current year with a new, same-year Buckfast queen are designed for rapid development. Depending on the time of creation and local foraging conditions, these colonies may produce a good honey yield within the same year. The colony includes:

  • A young Buckfast queen that emerged and started laying eggs current year, with verified successful brood rearing;
  • Bees that densely cover most of the frames;
  • Brood frames, both capped and uncapped, make up more than half of the frames;
  • Feed frames with enough food and pollen for the colony’s development.

The apiary regularly monitors varroa mite levels and performs effective treatments. The beekeeper is a graduate of the Olustvere Service and Rural Economics School, specializing in beekeeping.

The price of the colony includes, at minimum, five frames in a solid wood box with a bottom board and insulated metal roof. The bottom board and roof can also be used for a full-sized 10-frame hive box as the colony expands. A larger nucleus colony consists of 10 Farrar frames in one hive box, including a board and a roof. The hive box is made of solid wood with a very sturdy and easy-to-handle construction. The hive bottom is wooden with a mesh, and the roof is insulated metal. All hive equipment is used but in good condition.

Nucleus colonies are available for transfer from mid-June to the end of July, depending on the availability of new queens.


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