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Four Herbal Tea set 120g


Only 4 left in stock

Four Herbal Tea Set, choose according to your taste and preference!

Only 4 left in stock

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Choose four teas from the available herbal teas, either all from one plant or four different ones, by writing your desired teas in the notes section when confirming your cart. A 15% discount on the price of individual tea packages is possible this way. The options include:

  • Birch Leaf Tea
  • Primrose Tea
  • Yarrow Tea
  • Meadowsweet Tea
  • Calendula Tea
  • Hops Tea
  • Linden Blossoms Tea

All plants have been harvested on a sunny day from the ecologically clean area of Kastna Peninsula in Pärnumaa, naturally dried, and airtight packaged.

Every bird has its song, every tea its taste, every slow moment its meaning…



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